Business Incubation Program, Kathmandu is a program operated under the lead role of the Department of Cottage and Small Industries, Government of Nepal, with active support of academia, professional organizations and research institutions. BIP is a nonprofit program under the ownership of Government of Nepal but strictly operated using modern management tools as a business organization.


Transform innovative ideas into dynamic enterprise for national and global competitiveness.


Center for excellence generating high value addition products and services through proactive and innovative entrepreneurs.


To create successful growth oriented enterprises strengthening the national economy.


  • To graduate successful enterprises providing incubating facilities.
  • To improve and upgrade system and process in the areas of small and micro industries through innovation and new technology.
  • To create demand for further business incubation services in other parts of Nepal through the demonstrative success of new enterprises.
  • To create and enhance network of experts & mentor in management, marketing, finance, Communication and other technical skills to be utilized by clients.
  • To create and enhance network of resource (laboratories, libraries, incubating space, finance, etc.) in the country for the possible use by clients.

Facilities Available to Incubates

Advice: Developing idea, strategic planning, business plan preparation, proactive support and advice on financial, legal, marketing, sales and management.

Service: Services to be offered include but not limited to office space, secretarial, office equipment, conference, bookkeeping, communication, resource center, library and laboratory etc.

Support: mentoring, synergizing, peer learning, networking, authenticating, recommending.

Anchoring: Utilizing as graduate incubates and resources, experience sharing, feedback for improvement and enhancement.

Relationship: With wider audience and stakeholders (local government, other industrial houses, civil societies or NGOs, professional societies, prospective incubates, INGOs, media etc.

Financial: Providing financial advice, planning and solutions through specialized human resources, linkages to financial institutions, angel investors and venture capital.

Target Audience

As their source for possible clients, the BIP focus on; capable science, engineering and management graduate with highly innovative business ideas from all over Nepal; innovative but economically deprived individuals or group through assistance from a separate central fund; Projects which will substantially enhance the value of Nepalese indigenous products for the domestic and international market.


  • Scouting for innovation.
  • Selection of innovators, evaluation of initial proposal and signing non disclosure agreement (NAD)
  • Service and shareholder agreement with clients.
  • Infrastructure and service to selected clients and initiating mentor program
  • Providing access to technology and related network
  • Commercialization activities - entrepreneurial venture, business plan, market research, consultancy, legal financial and other facilities
  • Graduation of the clients; Documentation of learning and dissemination
  • Follow up support

Board of Directors

  1. Mr.Begendra Sharma Poudel, Director General, DOCSI (Chairman)
  2. Mr. D.B.Basnet, FNCCI (Member)
  3. Mr. Binod Krishna Shrestha, School of Management, KU (Member)
  4. Dr. Suresh Dhungel, NAST (Member)
  5. Mr. Suresh Kumar Regmi, ITPF (Member)
  6. Mr.Govinda Kharel MOEST (Member)
  7. Mr.Uday Kumar Gupta, DOCSI (Member Secretary)